18 Fantasy Reborn Dolls | Fairy, Elf, Horror, Alternatives

If you’re big on collecting dolls, you don’t want to miss our favorite Fantasy Reborn collector’s items. From fairies to aliens and even some creepy zombies, you’ll find the perfect addition to bring home next.

Greyson Alien Ultra-Realistic Baby Doll with Blanket

Bring this extraterrestrial baby doll home for out-of-this-world fun, featuring a design based on the eyewitness accounts of the Roswell Grey aliens and artistry from award-winning special effects master J. Anthony Kosar. 

Made of soft vinyl with large black eyes, this alien baby comes wrapped in a shiny black blanket and is the perfect addition to your doll collection.


  • Inspired by alien eyewitness accounts
  • Made with soft vinyl
  • Hand-painted for realism

Reborn Fairy Doll, Pixie

This hyper-realistic pixie toddler doll looks as real as they come thanks to the hand-painted by the Italian artist Fiorenza Biancheri. It’s a realistic Caucasian doll that comes complete with a collector’s box and certificate of authenticity so you can feel confident about the quality. 

This fairy doll comes dressed in a beautiful five-piece outfit featuring tie-up booties, sparkly wings, a dress, and a hair wreath.


  • Made with GentleTouch vinyl
  • Crafted by Italian doll experts
  • Comes with an authenticity certificate

Fully Poseable Baby Monkey Doll

From the Ashton Drake Galleries comes this Clementine Needs a Cuddle Monkey Doll crafted by award-winning artist Linda Murray.

The baby monkey doll is as realistic as it gets, thanks to soft monkey curls, large eyes, fringed lashes, and wrinkled baby feet. Her sweet face and pacifier are the final touch of cuteness.


  • Realistic even to the smallest details
  • Features dress, hair bow, and pink pacifier
  • Adorable monkey feet and hands

Click to see all my favorite reborn monkeys.

Fantasy Reborn Fawn Baby

Combine all the cuteness of tiny animals with newborn babies with this Fantasy Reborn Fawn Baby collector’s doll. 

This baby doll comes with a plush baby fawn toy for the doll to hold and even includes accessories like two diapers, a bottle, blanket, pacifier, and outfit! The hand-painted fawn doll has a cute human face and arms but deer ears, feet, and tiny antlers.


  • Includes plush toy and several accessories
  • Soft plush body with realistic vinyl arms and legs

Reborn Zombie Girl

If you’re into creepy but cute dolls, you’ll love this zombie toddler doll. The core of the body is made with weighted cloth, while the arms and legs are poseable vinyl. 

This doll comes hand-painted and sealed by Shelly’s Scary Dollys and even includes a hand-glued, high-quality wig. Take her home today to add more fun to your doll collection!


  • Single item exclusivity
  • Toddler size
  • New wig and fresh paint

Fairy Reborn Dolls

If you’re into collecting fairies and all things magical, you don’t want to miss these Fairy Reborn dolls with life-like features and hand-crafted details. These alternative dolls capture the essence of the pixies with their glittery wings and precious features. 

Micro Preemie Fairy Baby

This Micro Preemie Fairy Baby’s name is Petunia, and she is a tiny, precious pixie. She comes with hand-rooted Russian mohair and gorgeous blue eyes that pierce the soul with cuteness. 

She comes clothed in a pink and blue fairy dress along with sparkly iridescent wings. Dainty forest vines trace up along her body, leading to two tiny pigtails you can’t resist.


  • Includes an extra set of wings
  • Hand-painted vines decals
  • Satin finish varnish

12-Inch Fairy Reborn Avatar

Combine the doll collector’s world with Pandora with this 12-inch Fairy Reborn Avatar Doll. Painted to mimic the look of the Na’vi people from the popular movie Avatar, this baby doll comes with blue skin speckled with white dots and gorgeous head markings of the Na’vi people. 

No detail was left out, with long, fluttery eyelashes, a tail, pointed ears, and hand-rooted mohawk hair.


  • Soft-cloth body with vinyl arms and legs
  • Looks just like the movie Avatar
  • Clear, life-like acrylic eyes

Avatar Tiger Baby Doll

Think outside the standard babydoll box with this long and lanky Avatar Tiger Baby Doll. This anatomically correct doll comes to 13 inches tall and was designed for role-playing or fun for children over three years. 

This doll features a long Avatar tail, spotted tiger stripes on the leg, torso, arms, back, and head as well as bright, big eyes and daintily pointed ears. Every order includes diapers, clothing, a pacifier, and even a passport for the doll so it can travel everywhere with you!


  • Dress up with different clothing and accessories
  • More anatomically correct than some other dolls
  • Made of soft eco flex silicone
  • Made to resemble the Avatars from James Cameron’s Avatar movie

Elf Reborn Dolls

Into all things elves? These precious elf dolls come in a few different looks and sizes and would make the perfect addition to your robust Fantasy Reborn doll collection. Check out these three elf doll options below.

Custom Elf Zodi

Custom Elf Zodi here is as cute as can be and is weighted to feel like a real preemie baby. Zodi looks incredibly life-like with hand-painted details and features, including pointed elf ears, silky smooth blonde hair, and ruddy baby cheeks. 

You can pose all four arms and legs for the most realistic experience possible.


  • Real skin feel and details
  • Preemie weight
  • Posable limbs

Solid Silicone Miniature Elf Baby

Switch things up in your doll collection with this ultra-tiny Miniature Elf Baby doll. Coming in no larger than an adult hand, this baby looks impressively real thanks to even the smallest details like arm and leg creases and long, pointy ears. 

Each elf doll comes with a unique name and meaning written on its accompanying ‘birth certificate’ so you know yours is completely special.


  • Sculpted from clay and molded
  • Anatomically correct
  • The mouth can take a pacifier or baby bottle

Opal Fairy Elf Reborn

Get as close to real as you can get with this Opal Fairy Elf Reborn doll. She weighs just two pounds but her soft vinyl limbs feel like real skin. Made with genesis heat set paints and sealed, her skin will be protected to last for years to come. 

Small details like a baby powder-scented body, wet-look eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, and glossy nails seal the deal – you need to add this doll to your collection next.


  • Features glass beads or steel balls for added weight
  • Includes tribal outfit, headband, unicorn onesie, and adoption certificate
  • Made with careful crafting in a workshop

Horror and Zombie Reborn Dolls

If you like baby dolls but you’re really into the horror genre, you can meet in the middle with these frightening horror and zombie Reborn Dolls. 

Features like pale skin, dark eyes, and more turn these baby dolls into spooky creatures that are just begging to come home with you. Check out the Fairy Ghostly Ooak Creepy Doll, Alternative Reborn Horror Zombie Baby, and Scary Zombie Doll Coraline below.

Fairy Ghostly Ooak Creepy Doll

Want a bigger baby doll to join your current collection? This Fairy Ghostly Ooak Creepy Doll is somehow the perfect combination of pretty and creepy. 

With a gorgeous fairy dress and long, ombre hair, she is as feminine as they come with a dark side. Her skin is made of vinyl and painted grey, and you may even get a bouquet of flowers thrown in free by leaving the seller a good review. 


  • Dark eyes, pale skin for extra creepiness
  • Long lace dress with ribbons
  • 23.5 inches long (larger than most)

Alternative Reborn Horror Zombie Baby

For those who aren’t afraid to get creepy, this Alternative Reborn Horror Zombie Baby doll could be just what you’re looking for. Painted to look as terrifying as possible, baby Sophia is 20 inches tall and resembles a real (but dead) baby. 

The doll’s face has been remastered with pencils and paints to depict an undead baby and it’s about as convincing as they come.


  • Cloth body, vinyl limbs
  • Sealed for maximum protection
  • Comes wearing a vintage bonnet and white nightgown with red ribbon

Scary Zombie Doll Coraline

The Scary Zombie Doll Coraline comes from the great depths of the sea with her clothes and skin-stained look. Painted head to do in blue and black, Coraline’s piercing light blue eyes go straight to the soul with a look of both cuteness and creepiness. 

This doll also features hand-sculpted barnacles made out of clay and secured on. Once a toy, this doll now makes for the perfect Halloween prop, photography subject, or conversation starter. 


  • Includes a certificate with name, artist name, and photo ID
  • Hand-painted and sealed for long-lasting performance
  • Made of molded plastic, all limbs rotate

Dragon Reborn Dolls

Who said all baby dolls had to be cute, cuddly, or even human? Take what you know about baby dolls and throw it out the window with these extra-fun and odd dragon Fantasy Reborn dolls. Choose your favorite color and bring something unique into your doll collection.

Demon Dragon Creature Reborn

Have you dreamed of a custom demon dragon creature? This Demon Dragon Creature Reborn takes dolls to the next level. This doll is made from an original clay design and molded with silicone, then hand-painted with all the finishing touches. 

The demon dragon is made of an ultra-soft silicone mix, while the horns and teeth come made of resin for more realism and stability. This is a limited quantity item as the dolls will only be made as long as the mold lasts.


  • Ecoflex silicone for a realistic feel
  • Dragon details such as big eyes, underbite, and realistic horns
  • Choose red or blue color

Hybrid Reborn Dolls

Take a trip to a fantasy world of human/animal hybrid dolls! These dolls stretch the imagination and serve as creative ideations from an imaginative mind. 

Whether you’re interested in a human/ape hybrid, an abominable snow baby, or a werewolf, we have just what you’re looking for.

Hybrid Human/Ape Reborn

Get a unique doll that you’ll be able to confidently say no one else in the world has when you order this Hybrid Human/Ape Reborn doll. This handmade doll is custom-made to order by the creator, making each one an individual work of art. 

This doll is an albino human/ape hybrid weighing in at just 3.5 pounds. He has big eyes that seem to follow you wherever you go, soft, hairy limbs, pointed monkey teeth, and human-like hands and feet.


  • Premium mohair on head and body
  • Original concept, molded by hand from clay
  • Clear, following eyes

Yeti Abominable Snow Baby

This doll is the perfect cross between a sweet baby and what you would imagine a young Yeti to look like. Covered with hand-rooted hair all around the face and body, this baby doll is soft to the touch. All facial features are hand-painted with care – you can even choose the eye color you’d like your doll to have. 

Each purchase comes with an outfit of the maker’s choice, a diaper, a magnetic pacifier, and a hair bow — if you’d like a girl — or a hat if you’d like the doll to be a boy. It’s up to you!


  • Jointed body for real-life posing
  • Soft vinyl head and weighted body
  • Choose both sex and eye color for a custom finish

Hybrid Werepup Baby

If you hope to cuddle and snuggle with a soft, furry baby, this Hybrid Werepup Baby human/werewolf mix should be right up your alley. He is nearly entirely covered in hand-rooted, high-end mohair for ultimate softness and poof. 

He comes in at a healthy newborn weight and is a whopping 20 inches long. You decide the details – want a certain eye or hair color or even personality of the face? Let the maker know and have it built exactly to your liking.


  • Comes with certificate of authenticity and decorated box
  • Wears newborn clothes well
  • Filled will glass beads and polyfill for added weight